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  • £ 289.95

    Looking for the perfect combination of support, comfort and luxury? Then the Naturelle from Sleepeezee is the mattress for you! Featuring 1200 pocket springs, natural cotton fillings and a high quality Belgian damask cover, this mattress offers a blissful night's sleep.

  • £ 414.95

    The Sleepeezee Naturelle 1200 Pocket Mattress has been designed using pocket springs Pocket springs work independently and therefore give the correct support to each part of the body If you share a bed with a partner pocket springs help to prevent any moment on one side of the bed affecting a person sharing the bed This also helps to prevent any roll together The Naturelle 1200 mattress has 1200 pocket springs made from 30 quality recycled steelThe mattress is constructed with natural cotton is...

  • £ 329.95

    Packed with 1400 individual pocket springs and natural wool fillings, the Naturelle provides luxurious comfort and support. Double sided, hand tufted and topped with an anti-bacterial cover, this mattress will provide the long lasting high performance you've been looking for.

  • £ 549.95

    The Naturelle 1400 mattress incorporates 1400 individual pocket springs made from 30 quality recycled steel Pocket springs react individually to a persons weight and therefore support all parts of the body correctly This also means two people sharing a bed will be supported individually It also helps to prevent roll togetherThe Naturelle 1400 mattress has natural fillings of English wool included on both sides and the whole is covered in a premium quality Belgian damask cover The mattress is...

  • £ 249.95

    Combining innovative design and expert craftsmanship the Sleepeezee Memory Pocket Sublime 1200 Mattress has been handmade in the UK to give you deep support and a level of comfort thats simply unrivalled With individual pocket springs this mattress from Sleepeezee also has a 40mm deep layer of memory foam naturally adapting and responding to any changes of posture during sleepOffering the perfect escape after a long day the Sleepeezee Memory Sublime Pocket Mattress provides you with a sleeping...

  • £ 311.40

    1200 pocket springs and a luxurious layer of AeroGel combine to offer a refreshing night's sleep. With a comforting pillow top and aerated top layer, this mattress offers superb temperature regulation perfect for staying cool in the hot summer months.

  • £ 429.95

    This Sleepeezee Westminster 3000 Pocket Mattress is built with 3000 pocket springs providing a very supportive and comfortable surface The Sleepeezee Westminster 3000 mattress is filled with luxurious natural fillings including British wool and silk The Westminster mattress is covered with a Sanitized sleep surface to protect from mitesThe Sleepeezee Westminster 3000 mattress also has 4 rows of hand stitching as well as felt tufts to add to this truly divine mattress

  • £ 399.95

    A refreshing nights sleep is finally within reach with the Sleepeezee PocketGel Balance 1200 mattressThis innovative mattress utilises 1200 pocket springs that will respond to each of your movements throughout the night for a superior sleep suitable for all body shapes With a mediumfirm comfort level and also featuring a quilted padded top layer the mattress is perfectly balanced to provide you with a great nights sleepThe unique layer of Staycool Gel uses an aeration technique which channels...

  • £ 224.95

    The Sleepeezee Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress is a fantastic pocket sprung mattress from Sleepeezee offering the ideal accompaniment for your adjustable bed Each of the 1000 pocket springs has its own separate case to allow them to work apart from one another this offers a better level of individual support and comfort Wool fillings enhance your comfort further but thanks to small vents youll still keep cool as airflow is maintained throughout the night The final touch of quality comes from...

  • £ 339.99

    Wake each morning feeling refreshed with the Sleepeezee Pocket 800 Mattress. This tufted pocket sprung mattress features 800 individually pocketed springs and offers excellent value for money. As with all Sleepeezee mattresses, the Pocket 800 is manufactured to the highest of standards and comes complete with a full 5 year warranty. In order to increase durability, as well as comfort, the pocket springs are heat treated and the mattress is fully tufted. This will ensure you get a great night's...

  • £ 459.95

    The Sleepeezee Diamond 2000 Pocket Mattress mattress it has over 2000 individual nested pocket springs each spring reacts to your natural body movement offering maximum level of support and comfort to ensure a good nights sleepThe Sleepeezee Diamond 2000 Mattress has luxurious wool and silk fillings and a traditional damask cover which offers a sumptuous finishing touchThe Sleepeezee Diamond 2000 Mattress has a sanitized surface helping to guard against dust must

  • £ 259.95

    The Sleepeezee Sapphire 1400 Pocket Mattress consists of 1400 individually nested pocket springs which offer excellent support and comfort Each of these individual springs react to your bodies movement offering maximum comfort and support The Sleepeezee Sapphire 1400 mattress has luxurious fillings which include wool and silk offering a comfort whilst still being very supportiveThe Sleepeezee Sapphire 1400 mattress has a sanitised sleep surface which helps to guard against dust mitesA...

  • £ 314.99

    Wake each morning feeling refreshed with the Sleepeezee Pocket Memory 1600 Mattress. This pocket sprung mattress features 1600 individually pocketed springs that are tied and tufted to ensure durability. A 50mm layer of memory foam is located above the springs which allows the mattress to subtley shape to the contours of yor body, providing maximum support. The memory foam also promotes good sleep through the elimination of pressure build up. As with all Sleepeezee mattresses, the Pocket Memory...

  • £ 419.95

    Memory foam comfort, pocket sprung support: the Memory Supreme Pocket 2000 Mattress by Sleepeezee is crafted for the perfect night's sleep. It's hypoallergenic for your peace of mind and wrapped in a beautiful knitted cover.

  • £ 339.95

    For those looking for an extra firm surface. With 1600 individual pocket springs, layers of cotton and a luxurious damask cover, this mattress is Sleepeezee's firmest mattress yet! Hand tufted and doulbe sided, the Ultrafirm all the durability and support needed for a refreshing night's sleep.

  • £ 184.95

    With a pocket spring system and hypoallergenic fillings, this mattress provides remarkable support and a healthier sleeping environment. With 1000 pocket springs providing delightful support and a 5 Year Guarantee, the Sleepeezee Backcare Deluxe 1000 really is the definition of value for money.

  • £ 359.95

    The combination of 2000 individual pocket springs and natural fillings, the Bordeaux by Sleepeezee offers sumptuous comfort in a medium firmness. Topped with a beautiful Belgian damask cover and with 4 rows of side stitching, this mattress has the style and elegance to match its supreme support and quality.

  • £ 379.95

    The Sleepeezee Backcare Superior 1000 Pocket Mattress mattress features 1000 individual nested pocket springs and having a deep top layer of Sleepeezee iFibre this combination of comforting support contours to your individual body shape while the individual pocket springs reduces the transfer of movement across the mattress for an undisturbed sleepComplete with a sumptuous pillow top finish and covered with a luxurious soft knitted cover this mattress is nonflip for your convenience

Items 1 to 18 of 3 565 total