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  • £ 562.00

    At over a metre in height, this stunning rectangular wall mirror will add an eye-popping focal point to rooms. The cut-out, flowing mirrored curves twisting around the central mirror create an incredible three-dimensional effect that can't fail to turn heads. This art deco style wall mirror doubles as an illuminating piece of wall art, with its commanding presence and intricate design. Hang this item in any room and it will play with the light to make spaces seem bigger and brighter. ...

  • £ 494.00

    At over a metre in across, this striking large wall mirror will instantly uplift rooms, making them feel bigger and brighter. This elegant frameless wall mirror features flowing continuous loops around a diamond-shaped centre, creating a sense of movement and elegance. This glass wall mirror can be hung straight or angled, with the ornate calligraphy design creating an eye-catching focal point in any room. Dimensions (WDH) 119 x 2 x 119cm

  • £ 199.00

    Highly unusual and incredibly striking, this silver shelf wall mirror will create an impressive focal point, magnifying the display effect of any ornament, candle or plant placed on it. The three mirrored shelves sit on top of ledges so that their bevelled edges are visible, with mirrored bars in the circular frame allowing the wall colour to show through. This round mirrored shelving unit will send light dancing around your spaces in a mesmerising fashion. Dimensions (WDH) 80 x 5.5 x 80cm

  • £ 249.00

    Create a feeling of the glitz and glamour of the 1920s with this splendid large rectangular wall mirror. This art deco style wall mirror features strips of glass surrounded by a triple champagne gold inner frame. The way the mirror panels join adds to the geometric elegance and art deco vibe. Versatile, opulent and luxurious, this luxury mirror will add polish to bare walls, radiating streaks of light to illuminate and freshen spaces. Hang this grand mirror portrait or landscape in any living...

  • £ 426.00

    The Sunflower round mirror has a dazzling design, with its circular array of bevelled mirror wedges arranged at alternating angles in a zipper-esque design. The square edges to the stepped frame surround the round mirror within, creating a striking abstract floral display, each mirror facet reflecting the light in a different direction to give an exciting, bright display that's just as much modern wall art as designer wall mirror - simply stunning. WDH=100 x 5 x 100cm

  • £ 274.00

    This round wall mirror is understated yet elegant and will add a splash of subtle glamour to walls. At 80cm in diameter, this frameless round wall mirror will lighten and brighten any room, complementing most interior decor schemes. The mirror is in the design of an oversized dinner plate with a subtly raised central circle on which the bevel is clear glass, as is the rim - this subtly adds depth as it allows the wall colour to show through. A minimal, classic piece for any room. Dimensions...

  • £ 246.00

    This arch window mirror set in a rustic cream painted wood frame makes a phenomenally eye-catching addition to any room. The ornately carved arch shape of this wooden framed mirror mimics cathedral windows, giving it a grand and majestic feel and beckoning you into historic times behind the looking glass. The rounded edge and distressed finish evokes a gothic reclamation, yet the pretty detailing to the window mirrors wood frame would brighten and lift any room, adding a sense of serenity and...

  • £ 112.00

    The Arundel Filigree Round Wall Mirror has a white painted metal frame, pierced with a floral pattern to give a delicate but impressive room feature. The decorative round metal mirror with an intricate cut out design where the wall colour and light shows through, and is sure to add a romantic touch to your home. Create the perfect setting with other complimenting white pierced metal accessories from the Filigree collection. Dimensions (WDH) = 70 x 6 x 70cm

  • £ 224.00

    The large arched window mirror will have a commanding presence in any room, with its black finished metal frame creating neat panels of reflected light. Made from a single mirror pane with the frame overlaid to create the window design, the contrast between dark and light will open up space and add light to any wall. At over 4 feet tall, the mirror will make stunning wall decor, with the curved arch top giving a traditional look that seems to offer a window into another world. Dimensions...

  • £ 180.00

    Brimming with understated elegance, this ivory-toned mirror will create a stunning focal point in your rooms. A timeless accent piece, the mirror features hand inlaid bone petals that flow around the frame, decorated with floral stars to create a graceful design. The bone-inlaid mirror can be hung in either orientation and combines neutral grey/taupe tones with intricate craftsmanship to create a gentle but exotic look. Other inlaid bone furniture is also available in our Riyal range, should...

  • £ 200.00

    This exotic mirror is a work of wall art with its patchwork of antique silver, hand-engraved metal sections. Abstract filigree patterns etched onto aged metal panels adorn the dark grey wood, giving this mirror both mysterious and modern appeal. This ornate metal mirror has a Moorish look and, at over a metre tall, it would look spectacular in the hallway and dramatic in the lounge. Hang it against a neutral backdrop and watch how it will lighten, brighten and breathe fresh life into your...

  • £ 299.00

    Simple but breathtaking, this large gold and silver circle mirror is elegant and glamorous, nodding to the glitz of 1920s art deco style. At nearly 1 metre in diameter, this round, open-centred mirror will create a round line of light on the wall that subtly reflects light to brighten up a room. A clean design, the segments are framed in warm champagne gold and suggest a cross design, with the lower right section being set slightly smaller to add interest to the design. This large round,...

Items 1 to 18 of 12 total
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